GE Condensate Drain Kit for Standard and Specialty PTACs Model RAD10


For over a century, GE has manufactured quality equipment and provided excellent services to millions of customers. In particular, the GE brand has over 50 years of design experience as it relates to HVAC equipment. The GE Zonelines and their accessories are designed and tested to the most rigorous consumer protection guidelines. With over millions of units installed, the GE Zoneline, and their accessories, remain one of the most reliable and trusted PTACs in the HVAC industry. To keep better control of condensate water, this PTAC drain kit routes condensate water to the exterior or interior of the building through the wall case. With that being said, a suitable provision should be made to connect the RAD10 drain tube to a drain system in the building. The drain tube assemblies are 1/2" O.D. copper and consist of a short right angle tube and a 6" long straight tube to suit any application.

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