All Fuel System Control Board


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The AFE18 control is designed for use in heat pump applications that are paired with a Gas Furnace. This item will turn the Heat Pump off while the Gas Furnace is running. This is important, as only one of the two pieces should be running at a time. It will operate with single and two stage heat pumps and single and two stage furnaces An anti-short cycle feature is also incorporated which initiates a 3 minute timed off delay when the compressor goes off. On initial power up or loss and restoration of power, this 3 minute timed off delay will be initiated. The compressor won’t be allowed to restart until the 3 minute off delay has expired. 5 second de-bounce feature on the “Y, E, W1 and O” thermostat inputs. These thermostat inputs must be present for 5 seconds before the AFE18 control will respond to it. An optional outdoor thermostat, OT18-60A, can be used with the AFE18 to switch from heat pump operation to furnace operation below a specific ambient temperature setting

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